*Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science

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Written in an appealing, conversational style, this new bookМў‰вВеўexplores where science education has been and where itМў‰вВ‰гўs going;Мў‰вВеўemphasizes how knowing the history and nature of science can help you engage in teaching for conceptual understanding and conceptual change;Мў‰вВеўstresses the importance of formative assessment as a pathway to conceptual change; andМў‰вВеўprovides a bridge between research and practice.This is the kind of thought-provoking book that can truly change the way you teach. Whether you read each chapter in sequence or start by browsing the topics in the vignettes, Konicek-Moran and Keeley will make you thinkМў‰вВ‰Ыќreally thinkМў‰вВ‰Ыќabout the major goal of science education in the 21st century: to help students understand science at the conceptual level so they can see its connections to other fields, other concepts, and their own lives.

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