New Science Teacher Handbook

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By reading The New Science TeacherМў‰вВ‰гўs Handbook, you will learn 12 specific steps that will help you on your way to becoming a skilled classroom teacher. The authors make each chapter both helpful and fun to read by including:Мў‰вВеўThe StoryМў‰вВ‰Ыќactual experiences that happened within one of the authorsМў‰вВ‰гў classrooms. As the authors note, these true stories demonstrate that even those who go on to write books on best practices in the classroom didn’t start off as perfect educators.Мў‰вВеўThe MoralМў‰вВ‰Ыќwhat the authors learned from the story.Мў‰вВеўSteps for SuccessМў‰вВ‰Ыќmultiple solutions you can choose from to fit your concerns and school environment.Мў‰вВеўWhat Does Success Look Like?Мў‰вВ‰Ыќhow the classroom looks after implementing the steps for success.Мў‰вВеўResources you can turn to if you want to explore each topic in more detail.

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