Argument Driven Inquiry in Physical Science

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The book is divided into two basic parts:1. An introduction to the stages of argument-driven inquiryМў‰вВ‰Ыќfrom question identification, data analysis, and argument development and evaluation to double-blind peer review and report revision.2. A well-organized series of 22 field-tested labs designed to be much more authentic for instruction than traditional laboratory activities. The labs cover four core ideas in physical science: matter, motion and forces, energy, and waves. Students dig into important content and learn scientific practices as they figure out everything from how thermal energy works to what could make an action figure jump higher.The authors are veteran teachers who know your time constraints, so they designed the book with easy-to-use reproducible student pages, teacher notes, and checkout questions. The labs also support todayМў‰вВ‰гўs standards and will help your students learn the core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and scientific practices found in the Next Generation Science Standards. In addition, the authors offer ways for students to develop the disciplinary skills outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

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